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Pass and Stow Three-rail Touring Rack

By Carl Gauger,


We’ve been die-hard fans of the Pass and Stow rack for a while. Numerous design features set it apart from any other front rack on the market, and I firmly believe that, despite its $280 price tag, it’s the best value for your dollar. I’ve mounted mine to everything from my cross bike to my 5″ fatbike, toured and commuted on it, wrecked on it, and it still holds up and barely looks any worse for the wear. And it’s the stiffest load carrier off road while also coming in at a mere 2 lb 6 oz. The high pannier mounts provide a better space for your bags when you are riding off road and reduces the risk of catching them on rocks and in ruts, and the platform on top easily accommodates a variety of different heavy and/or bulky loads. We feel so strongly about the design that we made sure that the Steve Potts Trail Bike that we are selling has provisions to mount the rack simply and elegantly, and we designed our new front-end luggage bag around running it on the Pass and Stow.




Matt’s latest design uses exactly the same legs as the original rack, but shaves weight by using a narrower, three rail top. If you don’t think you’ll utilize the platform, or tend to want to use a basket to carry top heavy or bulky loads, or even if you are simply trying to save some weight, the three rail rack makes a lot of sense. The really neat thing about this new rack is that the top bed fixes to the same legs as the original, so it’s possible to replace just the top. In addition, Matt plans to unveil yet another design at NAHBS next month, a rear rack that uses the same three rail top. All three racks will essentially have interchangeable parts, making it a sort of modular rack system. With this system, you could potentially change your setup in the future without breaking the bank on a whole new rack. I like this malleability because it means I can get a really high end, well designed rack that I know will work with a variety of bikes, and for a variety of uses.

The three rail rack retails for the same as the five rail, $280. We took some photos of the new rack on a 2016 Salsa Marrakesh with some Ortlieb panniers for illustration.



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Introducing the Monkey Wrench Bag

By Carl Gauger,


We have tossed around the idea of designing a bag for a while, and we always thought it would be rad if we could get Scott at Porcelain Rocket to make it for us. Well, we were chatting, and he thought it was a great idea too, so we went through some ideas we had, and he busted out a couple prototypes for us to test! We wanted a bag to be used in conjunction with our favorite basket, the Wald 139, but also wanted the option to use it as a stand alone bag on our favorite rack the do-it-all Pass and Stow.

We were really pleased with the prototypes. It’s a simple Cordura design, with a reinforced inner bottom, and rolltop closure. For commuting and short trips around town, the bag snaps into a basket with the two roll-top clips: easy to remove and bring into the store with you, but plenty secure enough to make sure it doesn’t rattle out. For longer trips where weight is more of a concern, but you aren’t going to need to remove the bag for any reason, it makes sense to ditch the basket and strap it directly to the rack. The bag can pack down very small, or expand upwards to hold an extra large load. The daisy chains on the bottom of the bag make it easy to fix to the top of any big platform rack.

The first batch is slated to be done mid-February. We are going to do a grab bag assortment of colors, but if there is something you’d like in particular, get in touch with us at the shop in the next week or so, and we can make a special request. We are planning to launch our webstore with this bag as the first item, so, for those of you who live out of town, ordering one should be a cinch. Retail will be $175. Check out the photos for more details, or feel free to send any questions you have to!


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MWC now stocking Topo Designs

By Carl Gauger,


We got some new packs in folks! These rad bags are made in the U.S. by Topo Designs, based out of Colorado. They make bags, clothing, and accessories that are sturdy, simple, and classic. And everything is made in the U.S. which stokes us out. For right now, we are stocking the Daypack and the Rover Pack. Of course, we are happy to special order any other bags or clothes that strike your fancy. Check out their website! They have a ton of really cool products. I’m personally excited to run the Daypack in my front basket on camp trips, for short hikes or extra space hauling food in to camp at the end of a long riding day.


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FOR SALE 26″ Ti Merlin with WTB

By Carl Gauger,


Our good buddy Mark is selling this Merlin to help fund more vintage mountain bike madness. He is asking $3000 for the complete bike. If you or anyone you know is interested, email for more information.

Specs are as follows:

Frame/Fork   Merlin

Rims               Matrix Single Track ATB Comp

Hubs               32h WTB Classic

Tires              Grond Control 1.95 front, Panaracer Smoke Lite 1.9 rear

Pedals            MKS BMX

Crank             Cook’s Quality Products 176mm

Chain              HG70

Rear Cogs     Shimano Dura Ace 11-32

BB                   Merlin

Front Der       XT M735

Rear Der        XT M735

Shifters         XT M735

Handlebars   ? Titanium

Stem              Ti McMahon 140×10

Headset         WTB/Chris King Greaseguard

Brake set      Grafton front, WTB Rollercam rear

Brake levers Suntour XC-Pro

Saddle            Flite

Seat Post       Ritchey

Colors            Titanium w/ BLK fork

Size                21” c-c, 23” c-t, tt = 24 ¼”, 17” cs, 6” ht, 32” standover

Serial #          None


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Sinewave Reactor USB Chargers

By Carl Gauger,


We have recently started stocking the Sinewave Reactor dynamo-powered USB charger. The charger is made in the U.S. by a company out of Massachusetts called Sinewave Cycles. We really like the design for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it’s 100% waterproof. All of the electronics inside of the charger are completely encapsulated in epoxy, and the USB connector itself features gold-plated connectors that will not corrode.  The epoxy inside the charger also protects the electronics from being jostled and ensures that the system can withstand any sort of rough roads or mountain biking that you throw at it.

Also, we like how low profile the cap is that extends above your stem. The system uses a traditional star fangled nut, and is easy to install and maintain. It will work with any brand of generator hub (Shimano, Shutter Precision, Schmidt, Sanyo). Power generation starts at 3.5 mph, hits 500 mA (standard for a wall mounted USB charger) at 9 mph, and tops out at 1A at 18 mph, which means that as long as you are riding at above 9 mph you are getting the same or more amount of charge as if you were plugged into a wall. Pretty sweet! Definitely the best system that we have seen.

The Reactor charger is $220, and is available in black, red, or silver. We also stock Shutter Precision hubs, which we feel is the best tradeoff between weight, cost, and drag. At $130 for a hub, you can have a solid, handbuilt wheel rolling for under $250, and the whole system for under $500.


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By Carl Gauger,


Mostly this is just a post to let you all know that we finally have water bottles back in stock. They come in two styles, each with two different colorways, and in both 22 oz and 26 oz. They are Specialized Purist bottles with the MoFlo caps (the ones we like the best). 22 oz. bottles are $9 and 26 oz. bottles are $10. We sure wouldn’t care if you ask for them by name: Standard, DW40, Deere, or Candy Corn. We are happy to ship them to whichever little corner of the earth that you reside in.

Happy Wednesday. Listen to Slayer.


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