Danny’s Surly Ogre

Jul 19, 2015


Danny is planning a big tour for later this summer and was looking for a dependable bike that will have stable handling under load, and can take him on any road or road-like thing he likes the look of. The Surly Ogre is a fantastic touring bike that gives you basically unlimited potential. It an upright fat tire bike that is exceptional at carrying weight, and has enough braze-ons and attachments that you can load any conceivable rack, trailer, cage, or fender on it. While there are plenty of traditional road-touring bikes out there, we feel that often times when you aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere fast it makes more sense to have a bike that can take you anywhere. The Ogre certainly opens your routes up to any forest service road, MMR, or single track that you might get a hankering to explore. Stoked to hear about the adventures this bike gets up to! Safe travels Danny.