Hoss’s Surly ECR

Apr 19, 2015

Hoss does, amongst a whole heck of a lot of other things, all of our graphic design here at the Monkey Ranch. He’s solely responsible for any time that we might appear to look good. He’s been wanting a new trail bike for some time now, and finally decided on the ECR from Surly, a fine choice in our opinion. Not only does the ECR rip off road, but it’s fully equipped to carry anything you want, anywhere you want. The 29+ tires will soak up almost anything, but still roll fast. Hoss wanted to change a few things up from the stock build, so we put on the Hunter Smooth Move Super Sweepers, a wonderful heat treated aluminum handlebar made by Nitto that has a generous bend, and a downhill-worthy width. Add that to Thomson seatpost and stem and a Brooks Cambium saddle, and you have a good lookin’, comfortable ride that means business off road.