Photo by Emir Ibrahimpasic

Monkey Wrench Cycles was started on May 1st of the 2004 as a one man solo effort by me, Nate. I soon realized, after about an hour of opening that, like all great things in life, a trio is best. All the greats were trios- the three amigos, the three musketeers and most importantly, the holy triumverate, RUSH. First it became Eric and myself, and that was rad. Then later Eric said we needed help, so he found this colorful dreadlocked short short wearing dude name’d Carl. I said no way, but Eric said he would cut the butter. Guess what? He did!  The power trio was set, and Monkey Wrench was destined to hit their stride.

The three of us are all mechanics and share the same vision as to how bicycles should be repaired and maintained. The bottom line is we love bicycles and would love to help you with yours, whether it be a simple repair, an extensive one, rebuilding an old bike or selling you something new. Come down and visit us at the shop, and chat us up about new bikes, old bikes, or Rock n Roll.