As a service oriented shop, we pride ourselves on each and every repair that leaves our work stands.

Our top priority is establishing a good long term relationship with you as a customer and rider, and we know that the best way to make that happen is to give you the absolute best service possible. We firmly believe that in the long run routine maintenance will save you money and time, as well as your bike. We know that saving you money keeps you happy, and helps you think of the bike shop as a place you want to visit (not the dentist). Regular tune ups are the best way to keep your bicycle in tip top shape, but we absolutely understand the need to prioritize short term fixes in the interest of time or money. A la carte repairs can usually be done while you wait, or by the end of the day, and we are top notch at making the best use of your repair budget.

Tune Ups

$45 Basic Tune.

We clean and lube your brake cables and housing, file your brake pads, adjust your brakes. Clean and lube shift cables and housing, adjust shifting. Lube your chain and derailleurs. Safety check on all bolts and assemblies (stem, cranks, hub skewers/nuts, seatpost, pedals, cable pinch bolts, etc). Air up your tires.

$70 Comprehensive Tune.

We adjust all bearings on the bike (Headset, both hubs, bottom bracket). True both wheels. Clean and lube brake cables and housing, file brake pads, adjust brakes. Trim exploded shift housing, clean and lube shift housing, adjust shifting. Lube your chain and derailleurs and grease any dry threads. Safety check on all bolts and assemblies. Completely clean your bike. Air up your tires. With a comprehensive tune, parts installation is also either free (tubes, tires, chain) or half price (brake pads, chainrings, cables and housing, etc).

A la Carte

A la carte repairs are based on a $60/hr service rate, and the average time that it takes us to conduct those repairs. If it’s a bicycle, we can fix it.

Custom Wheel Building

Custom wheel building provides you with longevity and durability in one of the most important parts of your bicycle. Not only are you able to pick and choose hubs, spokes, rims, and lacing pattern based on you and the type of riding that you do, but you get to rest assured that, start to finish, an experienced wheelbuilder has tensioned, overseen, and checked every aspect of your wheel. The attention to detail that you get with handbuilt wheels ensures that your wheels stay under you, problem free, for a long, long time. Labor is $50 per wheel.