Introducing the Steve Potts Trail Bike



We are so excited to show off this new model from Steve Potts Bicycles, available exclusively through Monkey Wrench. The project initially was proposed to Nate by Steve’s son Daniel, and it quickly caught Steve’s eye as something he was really interested in. The finished product is a collaborative design between the three of us, Steve, and Daniel.  It is in some ways an homage to the stock bikes that Steve has built in the past, but designed to fill a niche in our current style of riding with all of the best advancements in modern technology. The Trail Bike echoes a lot of the sensibilities of the bikes that Steve was building 20+ years ago, such as extra wide hub spacing, big tire clearance, oversized tubing, Type II fork, and the fact that it’s a stock sized bike. We wanted a bike that would handle well off road, essentially a mountain bike in its own right, but also was stiff enough and burly enough to tour and carry weight. Honestly a lot of the riding that we find ourselves doing involves some mix of singletrack, dirt roads, and exploring game trails. We want the ability to strip the bike down and go shred some trail, or do a week long tour in the back country and on forest service roads. That’s one of the reasons that we had Steve build the bike specifically to handle the Pass and Stow front rack. Matt Feeney’s rack is, in our opinion, the finest do-everything cargo and touring front rack on the market. I’ve written a bit more about the rack and why we love it here.


Here are some of the details of the bike. The bike is non-suspension corrected. This means that it will only take the Type II fork that’s built for it so there’s no option to run suspension. This plus sized Type II fork crown will fit a 3″ tire with no issues whatsoever. The bike is built with Boost 110 front and Boost 148 rear spacing. Not only does this design look forward technologically speaking, but it also harkens back to the bikes that Steve Potts and Charlie Cunningham were building thirty years ago with 115mm front spacing and 140mm rear ends. The fork legs have some beefy tabs and the crown is threaded for an M6 bolt specifically to mount the beefy Pass and Stow rack perfectly. The Type II fork has a tapered steer tube fabricated by Paragon Machine Works, and the frame is built with a 44mm headtube. The bottom bracket is English threaded 73mm, because OF COURSE.


The bikes will be built in batches with stock sizing. All but one of the first batch are spoken for, but we are also planning on doing at least a second run of the bikes. The first run will have a Medium, a Large, and an Extra Large size, and will be available in Gun Metal Blue that you see in the photos or Ivory Pearl White. Cost for the frame is $2000, the fork is $1070, and the stem is $260, for a total of $3330. The only option is if you want the painted to match stem or not. Two slight modifications from the prototype here are that the frames will have a third water bottle mount under the down tube, and will have full derailleur housing instead of the split housing that’s pictured.


Please feel free to send any questions to, or just call (402.477.4104) or stop in at the shop! We are super stoked to talk about this project and answer any questions you might have.